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Coffee to Satisfy Every Taste

Specialty Equipment

Coffee Perfection by Cafection – These touchscreen, internet-connected brewers are not your grandmother’s coffee brewer! The bean-to-cup espresso-based brewing technology (that one well-known worldwide coffeehouse uses) brings your organization into the future of perfect coffee and other hot beverages for guests, employees and customers.

Cafection’s Total series delivers 16 freshly “brewed from beans” coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, and other hot beverages. Select mild, regular or strong, with or without real milk, chocolate or French Vanilla.

Best of all, this coffee costs the same as coffee by the bowl. Bonus: All the waste is recyclable. Trust Southern to offer the latest innovations.

The Total 1

The Total 1

A hybrid Bean to Cup Solution.

Cafection’s Total 1, the most complete Coffee Kiosk guaranteeing freshly brewed coffee available 24/7. Ideal for the most demanding coffee programs.

The Total 1 has 3 whole bean hoppers, 3 soluble canisters, and interactive touchscreen and an optional built in receipt module.

There are also 3 cusp sizes, 3 brew strengths, whipper functionality for frothing your beverages, an adjustable gram throw, and design and engineering to expertly grind beans, brew and steep at the perfect temperature.

The Total Lite

The Total Lite

A hybrid Bean to Cup Solution.

Cafection’s new addition to the Innovation Series. Total Lite’s advanced whole bean coffee brewing technology provides convenient, affordable and flexible solutions to meet the coffee needs of today’s increasingly savvy consumers.

The Total Lite has a 3 bean hopper, 2 soluble bins and an interactive touchscreen, three cup sizes, and three brew strengths.

The unit is sleek and compact for minimum space requirements and is environmentally friendly while delivering incomparable freshness 24/7.