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Coffee to Satisfy Every Taste


Our valued customers come from many different walks of life and enjoy a variety of products. When tastes and individual preferences are involved, this is decidedly not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

For some, a hot, aromatic cup of coffee sets their day in motion, making them more productive. Non-coffee drinkers can get the same productivity lift from Southern's hot teas and chocolate. Everyone needs water for peak performance and health; Southern's customers drink more water, knowing our spring water is pure at the source. Southern has refreshing beverages for everyone.

Southern looks forward to being your provider of high quality products that meet your specific needs. We love when you tell us how much you enjoy them because that’s why we’re here.

Since 1960, Southern as met the unique, specific needs of all types of organizations. Select the option at the right that describes who you are to learn how Southern fulfills your refreshment needs.